I buy candles there too. You can get very fancy brands for around ten bucks, and sometimes they even have Molton Brown stuff, when they do I buy every one on the shelf. It's more like 25$ a candle, which for a TJ Maxx candle means it's a SUPER high end item. Also we're at TJ Maxx, so nobody else wants them and they… » 8/16/14 8:46pm 8/16/14 8:46pm

go to a restaurant supply store, they'll have stuff like checkered table covering, napkins and boxes of wet naps (barbecue!) and those cool red plastic baskets for paper plates, paper chef's hats and squeeze condiment bottles etc on the cheap. Get lots of giant garbage bags. » 8/10/14 1:01am 8/10/14 1:01am