My whole night was like an after party. Late in the afternoon I went and got a cheap pedicure and watched some CNN for the first time since Christmas, and there was GOOD news. I walked home and got totally baked on the front porch and bonded more with Milady Landlord. Then I laid (layed?)in the bathtub (Kneipp's poppy… » 4/05/14 2:48pm 4/05/14 2:48pm

My friend here in NOLA was on the board of Habitat for Humanity before Katrina, and all the board members were asked to stay on after the storm for the sake of continuity. They worked with Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation and they restored and built a LOT of houses. » 4/04/14 11:10am 4/04/14 11:10am

It certainly wouldn't have happened in Kentucky. The first night I got here I met a cast member of one of my all-time favorite TV shows and he's become a new friend. A few days later I was hanging out at a friend's house talking to a nice guy named George who turned out to be Bob Dylan's drummer. So yeah. Come on… » 3/31/14 1:51am 3/31/14 1:51am