THANK YOU FOR THIS. I went through a crushing divorc. My youngest kid suffered because I was too focused on saving my marriage and keeping my husband happy. I did the best I could, and have owned my shortcomings and made (and will continue to make) amends to my kid. There were things during the process of divorce that… »6/10/15 2:47pm6/10/15 2:47pm

Last year some time before St Joseph's day I was driving through mid city and suddenly there was a Big Chief, Flag Boy, Spy Boy & etc. suiting up on a random corner. I pulled over and jumped out and was gonna see if they would mind if I took a picture, and the Big Chief bummed a cigarette from me. »2/27/15 2:29pm2/27/15 2:29pm

I'm sorry that happened to you, I would have been just as devastated. I've always lived far away from my family, and consequently the whole family funeral thing is a vital way for me to feel connected. When else do you have the opportunity to sit around with cousins and aunts and uncles, looking at pictures and… »2/20/15 3:13pm2/20/15 3:13pm

My whole night was like an after party. Late in the afternoon I went and got a cheap pedicure and watched some CNN for the first time since Christmas, and there was GOOD news. I walked home and got totally baked on the front porch and bonded more with Milady Landlord. Then I laid (layed?)in the bathtub (Kneipp's poppy… »4/05/14 3:05pm4/05/14 3:05pm